Technical Tunes for Toddlers to Teenagers

Here you can find the music and sheet music to seven pedagogical pieces from my coming book ”Technical Tunes for Toddlers to Teenagers”. Every tune has its own technical ”problem” and can be played as solos or together as parts in violin ensembles with combinations of different ages and levels. The illustrations by Ia Gottberg come from my book Little Things for Little Strings and the backtracks are made by Per Strandberg.

The Church Bell - introduction to double stops, detaché and spiccato on open strings
The Church Spire - unusual finger patterns and tricky rhythms
The Church Tower - chords and pizzicato

The Sunday Walk - introduction to the second finger pattern with low second finger
The Sunday Marsch - double stops and chromaticism
The Sunday Stroll - swing and awkward bowings
The Sunday Saunter - vibrato, shifting and high positions